Orange to sell the LG Watch Phone

Orange have announced that they will be selling LGs Watch Phone from this August. It is aimed firmly at the must-have gadget geek and sold on a sim only or pay as you go tariff.

The phone itself looks quite neat, and uses touch screen and text-to-voice technology. It does mean that you’ll be talking into your wrist and voices will be coming out of your watch. So who is actually going to buy this?

Sci-fi will tell us that we’ll all have wearable communications in the future, but the fact remains that people do not adopt technology that makes them look silly. You only have to look at Sinclair’s C5, or the Segway to see that. With the exception of some Californians, who would want to ride around on a Segway?

Similarly, Bluetooth headsets worn outside of the car look stupid. Apart form taxi drivers and night club bouncers few people wear them.

Whilst smart phones and touch screens were this year’s bandwagon in mobile, the point is, I don’t expect to see a rush of watch phones appearing on the market anytime soon.

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