Mobile Marketing. It’s all about privacy.

Something that the previous post on the mobile directory enquiries has raised is the way that individuals feel about their privacy. You only have to look at the reaction to them, or to Google’s Street View (or Latitude or Behaivoural Targetted Advertsng) to see that we value our privacy.

From the stand-point of the UK, I believe that many of us feel the errosion of our privacy, from endless cameras, to monitoring of emails, chips in our passports and the possible introduction of ID cards. So, when a company seems to abuse that for marketing purposes the reaction is pretty adverse. It is especially the case with our mobile phones, as they are highly personal and the thing we have with us most of the time.

It is essential that mobile marketers understand the feelings about privacy. Regardless of whether it is compliant with the regulations,  marketing campaigns must respect the narrow permission spectrum that comes with mobile.

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