Trouble with iphone App Store (again): Google considers going web

Following from my previous post about the problems developers are having with the iphone appstore, it seems that Google may have found a solution for Google Voice: optimise it for the iphone web.

Given Apple’s recent track record, it comes as no surprise that Google Voice was banned form the appstore. The reason for this may be less to do with the iphone itself, and more to do with their relationship with carriers/operators such as AT&T in the US or T-Mobile in the UK. It highlights the problem that with the increase in data services and VOIP in 3G networks, mobile operator’s traditional revenues may just dissappear.

Google are probably not too worried about mobile network operators, and are more interested in seeing their apps in the marketplace. According to a report in the New York Times, their solution is to develop a web-based app optimised for the iphone. This is a good solution and in in keeping with Google’s Web 2.0 principles. It may also be a lesson for other developers thrown out of Apples appstore.

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