Is content aggregation the future for mobile?

With the increase in smart phones, will inevitably generate increases in mobile social networking, mobile newsfeeds and mobile email. It’s hard enough to manage all of these on a PC, but on the limited platform of mobile, it will be nearly impossible.

For some, such as the iphone, the solution has been through an excellent user interface. But still, it can be hard to remember if you messaged your friend on Facebook, Twitter or sent them an SMS.

The future, therefore seems to be one of aggregation – bringing the various bits of chat, information and general online noise into one place. Whilst newsfeed aggregation has been in use for sometime on the web, swiftly followed by social network aggregation, it has not really hit the mobile space yet. The Palm Pre is the first to address this in the mobile environment, by aggregating all the conversations with friends, whether they are SMS, email or IM. Orange are the first to address this in the mobile operator space, with a new social networking aggregation app, Orange Social Life.

I suspect that we will see many more aggregation apps for the mobile space in the next few months.

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