Latest update on dealing with mobile spam

Following on from my last post, I identified the company who I thought had sent the unsolicited SMS.
Two days after sending them an email, a helpful man who was their marketing director phoned me about it. I pointed out that they had breached two key elements of the PEC regulations: failing to obtain opt in consent, and failing to identify the company in the message. He expressed great concern – he thought the list was bought in by a third party provider. He promised to investigate and get back to me. Two weeks later, I still haven’t heard from him.

In the meantime, however, an interesting coincidence happened. I was speaking at the Telephone Preference Service conference on Business SMS and Mobile Marketing this week. After my talk, someone came and spoke to me from the Claims Management Service, who are part of the Ministry of Justice. She was asking me what the regulations are concerning spam SMS, and how to trace companies who send them. It turns out that they had had complaints about the very spam I have been chasing and blogging about on here. I have now passed all the info that I have on the company to CMS, who have powers to censure claims companies who breach regulations.

I am still complaining to the ICO as well, who can also reprimand or even prosecute the company.

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