… from the cool to the highly uncool

Following on from the iphone’s vote at the UK’s coolest brand, Acer, a very uncool brand has developed their own smartphone using the Google Android system. The photos leaked to CNET UK show a very nice phone indeed. Called ‘Liguid’ it has a big bright screen and great handset design. I personally think that Android is a better mobile operating system than the iphone … more functionality and less prone to crashing, not to mention that I can make system updates without having to plug it into my laptop’s itunes.
So, is the Acer Liquid another likely challenger to the iphone? As with the other genuine contentders – The G1 and the Plam Pre, that all important coolness factor is missing. As long as Apple retain their cool brand image (and their competitors fail in the cool stakes), Apple’s iphone sales are likely to remain as strong as ever.

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