The Michael Jackson Phone: cheese alert!

I never quite understood it myself, but it would appear that thje singer’s popularity knows no bounds. Or at least the ability to productise and cash in on his untimely death.

Mobilecrunch reports on a new Michael Jackson branded phone for the Asian market. From the pictures, it is as cheesy as you would expect: lots of gold and crystals. It isn’t going to outsell the iphone, but it’s going to appeal to some people.

What is interesting is that the phone demonstrates the point that mobiles and our identity are closely linked. The phone we have, the background, ringtones and covers are all part of our identity. I doubt, for example that there would be a market for a Michael Jackson PC or a Michael Jackson Fridge (although when it comes to the mono-gloved singer, I wouldn’t be too suprised by anything). When it comes to our phones, there is an identity association that makes it possible to produce and sell tacky products such as this.

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