Google to acquire Admob

The announcement that Google is to acquire Admob for $750 is significant news for the mobile advertising sector.


Admob has had good success in the mobile pay per clicks market and benefited from the growth in smartphones such as the iphone and Blackberry, along with increased flat rate data plans. Google has made a substantial investment in the mobile sector, particularly with their mobile OS, Android. However, it hasn’t made any significant advances in the mobile PPC market. Similar to it’s policy with YouTube, Flickr, Blogspot etc, Google has acquired a leading player in the market through Admob.

A statement issued by Google said that: “While this industry is still in the early stages of development, AdMob has already made exceptional progress in a very short time,”

The feeling amongst industry experts is that it is good news all round. It demonstrates Google’s committment to mobile and Admob’s success in the market.

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