Nat West iphone app

We live in interesting times!

It looks like mobile banking is coming of age, with the NatWest iphone app. As well as checking balances and viewing statements, it takes mobile banking a step further by also allowing transactions from within the app.

The UK bank has been using TV ads to promote it’s iphone app. This is interesting because the iphone is less than 3% of the total mobile handset market in the UK. Yet Nat West dedicated a TV ad to it. NatWest’s head of mobile, Tim France-Massey was quoted as saying ‘iPhone provides us with a really cutting edge technology platform to support our customers’ needs’.

I’ve not seen any reveiws of it, so I have no idea if it’s any good. I also have no idea if there is a Blackberry or Nokia/java version.

It is nice to see mobile banking move forward. It’s also another example of how the iphone is driving the apps market, with PR dis-proportionate to it’s market size.

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