If you thought the iphone was a bit pricey …

… a guy called Stuart Hughes has designed an iphone that will sell for $3.2 million dollars. That’s enough to buy 30,000 plain old iphones – equivalent to Orange’s first day of iphone sales in the UK! Gold plated, and covered in top quality diamonds. It cleary begs the question, why? On the one hand it’s utterly pointless and completely cheesy (pics here). It’s still an iphone, afterall. Arguably, the idea of a phone costing that much is simply obscene. Should anyone be allowed to have so much money that they can waste it like that? I’m sure there’s a Russian oligarch or arabian prince happy to spend such a nutty amount on a present for the missus.
Here’s hoping they drop it down the toilet or leave it on a beach (as I managed to do with my Google phone)!

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