UK iphone sales: 30K for the first day with Orange

Orange’s first day of iphone sales on Weds 10th Nov topped 30,000 units. However the claim that this was the largest sale in one day in the UK is questioned by O2 in Gomonews. So it looks like there’s going to be something of a battle between the two operators in the run up to Christmas.

Current iphone sales levels in the UK are somewhat fuzzy, but they passed the 1 milliion mark in Feb 2009, so current estimates suggest somewhere between 1.5 and 2 million phones in the UK. Of course the winner in all of this is Apple.

Click here for current details of the iphone worldwide sales figures.

Google buys Admob … problems for the mobile operators?

Google’s purchase of Admob for $750m seems to be a good thing for both parties and mobile advertising in general. Unless, of course, you are mobile operator.

Why is this a problem for the mobile operators?

The answer is simple … as operator revenues get squeezed, they have started to look at mobile advertising as a significant source of new revenue. In the UK, for example, Orange, O2 (O2 Media) and Vodafone (Vodafone Target) have all put resources into this sector. A case in point is Orange’s acquisition of ad network Blyk, this summer.

Google have not made significant in-roads in mobile advertising, but Admob have. If you are a business or brand, you will have a choice to go to your network operator or Google. Judging by Google’s success with online advertising, it looks like most people will not choose advertise with the operators.

Google to acquire Admob

The announcement that Google is to acquire Admob for $750 is significant news for the mobile advertising sector.


Admob has had good success in the mobile pay per clicks market and benefited from the growth in smartphones such as the iphone and Blackberry, along with increased flat rate data plans. Google has made a substantial investment in the mobile sector, particularly with their mobile OS, Android. However, it hasn’t made any significant advances in the mobile PPC market. Similar to it’s policy with YouTube, Flickr, Blogspot etc, Google has acquired a leading player in the market through Admob.

A statement issued by Google said that: “While this industry is still in the early stages of development, AdMob has already made exceptional progress in a very short time,”

The feeling amongst industry experts is that it is good news all round. It demonstrates Google’s committment to mobile and Admob’s success in the market.

The Michael Jackson Phone: cheese alert!

I never quite understood it myself, but it would appear that thje singer’s popularity knows no bounds. Or at least the ability to productise and cash in on his untimely death.

Mobilecrunch reports on a new Michael Jackson branded phone for the Asian market. From the pictures, it is as cheesy as you would expect: lots of gold and crystals. It isn’t going to outsell the iphone, but it’s going to appeal to some people.

What is interesting is that the phone demonstrates the point that mobiles and our identity are closely linked. The phone we have, the background, ringtones and covers are all part of our identity. I doubt, for example that there would be a market for a Michael Jackson PC or a Michael Jackson Fridge (although when it comes to the mono-gloved singer, I wouldn’t be too suprised by anything). When it comes to our phones, there is an identity association that makes it possible to produce and sell tacky products such as this.

One in five watch porn on their iphone

This probably comes under the ‘no shit Sherlock’ category, but a recent study by Gadgetology found that one in five iphone users regularly watches adult material on their phone. What is interesting is that Blackberry users watched less than iphone users.

The reasons are probably varied: the iphone is highly usuable, and watching videos is an integral application. It may also be that Blackberry traditionally has a greater appeal to the business user, with many companies issuing the RIM handsets to their staff. Conversely an m:metrics study showed that 70% of iphone users are men, whereas the Blackberry has a 60:40% male:female ratio.

It does, however, help explain part of the appeal of the iphone. Historically many technologies have taken off where it has allowed users to access porn: VHS (in fact, the success of VHS over Betamax is often considered down to the porn industry adopting the former format), e-commerce, broadband. Even the now defunct Poloroid had an appeal to the home made-porn market.

The recent wide spread press coverage of iblushbabes, shows the sizable appetite for adult content on mobile phones.

Why marketers should ignore Twitter!

A Webpro news article gives 8 reasons to stop ignoring twitter, from a marketing perspective.
It looks at things like Twitter Lists, re-tweets as means of marketing.

Unfortunately my views on Twitter have not changed since I first played with it: it’s NOT a marketing medium. I iniatilly felt that it was a self-indulgent network for middle class technocrati. My view has changed slighly, especially following the Iran elections, where Twitter proved to be a genuine medium for promoting democracy.

Since then, I have seen some excellent examples of consumer feedback. However, that’s as far as it goes with Twitter. Someone has produced a list of 50 CEOs on Twitter, such as Richard Branson. It’s interesting when you look at the reasons they use the network. Connecting to their brands, colleagues and so on seem to be their primary motive NOT marketing or promotion.

It’s hardly surprising this is the case. Twitter is, by it’s very nature, non-commercial. They don’t make money! I do not believe that users enage with marketing on Twitter either. In fact it will probably drive people away from a brand. If I want to find out about a product, for example, I’ll use Google to search for it.

So what is the point of Twitter? I would argue that it is essentially an information service, and to some extent an entertainment service. Most people use it to keep up with information in their sector or interest. Occasionally we get involved in some of the more fun threads. And unfortunately I still believe it is focussed mostly to the middle class technocrati. Twitter does what it does very well. But ultimately it’s niche and its NOT a marketing medium!

Having an affair? Over 62% of people check their partner’s phone

Apparently 36% of us have cheated on our partner. So it’s hardly surprisiing that
a UK study has shown that over 62% of people check their partner’s phones to see if they are being unfaithful. According to the study, conducted by a mobile phone price comparison site, over half of those checking found that they were in fact being unfaithful.

Are we a nation of serial shaggers? Or have we always been this unfaithful and the modern digital age is just helping to uncover that?

More on the story here.

NUDE IT app for iphone

It’s every teenage boys’ dream (and probably everyone else’s nightmare), an app that can ‘remove’ someone’s clothes so you can see them in the nude. And that’s exactly what the NUDE IT, iphone app does. Except that it’s a spoof! (You really thought it existed? Er, no. It isn’t possible … and while we’re at it, there is no Santa Claus). Still, the video of the ‘app’ is fun. (totally safe for work):

Smartphone sales: latest figures reveal Nokia the market leader by far

The latest figures on smartphone sales release by analysts, Canalys, show that Nokia still holds the leading position with 16.4m units shipped in Q3, giving them a share of 39.7% of the market.

RIM’s Blackberry shipped 8.5m in the same period taking a 20.6% share and Apple’s iphone shipped 7.4m taking third place at 17.8%. HTC were forth with 2.2m phones.

It means that smartphone sales rose 4% on last year with total sales reaching 41.4 million.

Once again, there’s no doubting the popularity of the iphone, but it is important to remember that it is only third best selling manufacturer. However, as a single device it is significant, as both Nokia and RIM’s sales cover numerous handsets.

Motorola Droid vs iphone

There’s an excellent comparison betweeen the Motorola Android phone, the Droid and the iphone in Mobile Crunch.

In short, the Droid looks like a superb phone. Like the iphone, it has great a design, an excellent OS and high quality screen. I would probably go for the Droid because it has a pop out keybaord – I never got on with the touch screen keyboards.

Mobile Crunch found it hard to name an outright winner in their comparison. Basically it’s a personal choice of what suits you best. Certainly Motorola have created successful phones before – the Razr, which the iphone has not yet outsold – so it certainly looks like a winner in the handset market.

Interestingly, the name Droid is trademakred by Lucas Films, and licensed to Motorola (if you believe everything your read on Twitter). Europe, the Droid will be called ‘Milestone’. Weird. I prefer the name Droid.