Will the Apple ipad change everything?

The ‘change everything’ phrase comes from the iphone adverts. To some extent (but not entirely), Apple were right about the phone. The app store, the touch screen and the functionality brought about some fundamental changes in the way that we use our smartphones. So will the ipad have the same kind of effect in the tablet market? The short answer is no. The ipad will not significantly change the game.
For a start, where does the ipad sit in the market? Is it a mobile phone? Is it a lap top? Or a games console? Or media player? Whilst it is all of these, it is also none of these. Even with it’s superb screen and interface, there are other devices that do all those things much better. Why would I get an over-sized phone when I can get an iphone that fits in my pocket? Why would I replace my laptop with an ipad or is it an additional device (and do I really want to carry another device)?
Having read numerous blogs from app developers, techies and industry thinkers, on the whole no one is that excited about the ipad. The main thing going for it seems to be the price (and how often can we say that about an Apple product?). The cheapest models undercut the iphone price-wise and Apple’s own lap tops. Throw in an operator subsidy for the 3G models and you will be able to pick them up for next to nothing. Apple have proved people wrong on many occasions, but neither have they always been right. I think the ipad clearly has appeal, but to a limit audience. It certainly won’t be replacing our iphones or laptops any time soon.
This photo sums up alot of industry feeling about the ipad:

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