Is Nokia getting it right?

There are many detractors who seem to think that Nokia are loosing their way in the mobile market. They have certainly had their blips, however the company still retains the largest share of the handset market, the largest share of the smartphone market, and with Symbian, they are key players in the most popular mobile OS.
Whilst Apple’s iphone gets all the headlines (and make a great phone, don’t get me wrong), Nokia have done a number of clever things that will ensure their number one status:

Free Ovimaps: their decision to offer maps and sat nav to all compatible handsets for free is genius. Forget all the glamour of the iphone, what people want are good, practical applications. In fact if I was Tomtom or Garmin, I’d give up on the sat nav market! And here’s the proof: Nokia have announced 1.5million downloads of their Ovimaps in just one week.

Open Sourcing Symbian: Although this comes from the Symbian foundation and not Nokia directly, the decision to open source Symbian is a brilliant idea. The software releases today, and with the input of independant developers it will ensure that their OS is refined and will retain it’s number one status.

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