T-Mobile is giving away iphones

I blogged about this previous: T-Mobile were giving away iphones in order to retain their contract customers. I now have first-hand experience of this. I called the operator as my contract is due for renewal shortly. I told them I was interested in the iphone and they tried to offer me a number of other handsets including the G2 and the HTC Windows Mobile model. I kept telling them that I wasn’t interested in those and that I would take my contract to an operator that offers the iphone. They then made a firm offer that they would give me an iphone one month before my contract renewed in order to keep my business. They even told me that if my contract had been for renewal within the next month they would have given me an iphone right away.
So there you have it. T-Mobile will give you an iphone if it looks like you’re going to take your contract away!

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