Palm smartphone sales are ‘sluggish’

It’s a shame, because I really like Palm. Whilst the Palm Pre definitely had potential there were just too many factors against it. The failure to work with itunes, short battery life and so on. Palm have now announced that they will not meet their forecast sales. That will probably be no surprise to anyone. Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein “Driving broad consumer adoption of Palm products is taking longer than we anticipated”. Taking longer than anticipated? Well I hate to say this, but there are so many players in the smartphone market, I don’t see how Palm will ever reach their potential. Arguably the iphone, Blackberry, Motorola Droid and Nexus One all offer better products to their respective markets. There is certainly increased speculation that one of their rivals will buy out Palm sooner or later. The issue here is that the smartphone market is not sluggish, just the Palm market. Oh well.

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