Too much information?

The thing that never ceases to amaze me is how much information people are willing to give out on social media. Top of the list for me is FourSquare, and here’s why:
I asked a number of random people to be my friend. A few (around 10%) accepted. I clicked on the profile of one woman who seemed quite active. In there it gave me her twitter account, email address and mobile phone number (just click to call!!!). The link to her Twitter account gave me where she works and her job title. Even more handy was the map showing her house (and of course, with FourSqaure I know whether she’s in or not). And even know what she had for lunch.
What I find fascinating about all this is that in spite of mobile being the most personal of channels, when it comes to social media many people are happy to offer up personal information by the bucket load. Maybe this world is much safer than I cynically believe, but frankly that is a hell of a lot of information to give out to a random stranger!!!

One thought on “Too much information?

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