Sony Ericsson. Remember them?

Whilst talk in the world of mobile handsets revolves around Apple, Android, Blackberry (and maybe Nokia), it seems the Sony Ericsson have posted a profit for the second quarter running. This time it has reported profits of 12 million Euros (down from 21 million Euros in the previous quarter). It would seem that their Xperia range has seen a surge of demand from operators.

Is this thing on? Apple updates iphone 4 software

In spite of reported global sales of 1.7 million of the iphone 4, Apple’s firmware update appears not to have addressed the problem entirely. A report here, suggests that the update hasn’t solved the reception problem. In the meantime Apple’s shares dropped as a result of the persistent issues. In fact, one report suggest that Apple has been quietly recalling their latest model.
In the meantime, pictures of the next Apple model, iphone 5 have been released (apparently someone left it in a bar somewhere).

The iphone 5

Build your own Android App (no programming required)

Apple have gone one way, by restricting their app development to Object C (not the easiest of development languages), Google have gone the opposite. Their new App Inventor uses a set of simple tools and an even simpler interface to allow anyone to create apps. Brilliant! I love anything that democratises things, and whilst I’m sure that many developers will complain that ‘it can’t build a real app’, we could see some really interesting, creative and fun apps coming from this.
It has been argued that one of the strengths of Android is their openness towards app development. There have been reports of developers leaving Apple’s strict regime in favour of Android’s more open platform. With the new App Inventor it looks like they could attract a whole new group of people who have the imagination but lack the programming skills. Now, what app can I think of ….

Mobile Retail: finally getting in on the act?

It was only a month ago that Marks and Spencer became the first UK high street retailer to launch a fully comprehensive, commerce-based mobile site. Besides Amazon, most other retailers have focussed on apps, or nothing at all for their mobile offereing.

However a recent article about a discussion from 5 CIOs of retailers shows that they clearly understand the limit of apps (no one opens them) and that mobile require their own specific sites.

So, it looks like retailers will finally get on board this year and produce some decent, mobile focussed sites that actually allow us to buy stuff!