BlackBerry Torch Sales Figures

It looks like the BlackBerry torch hasn’t exactly lit up (apologies for the pun) the public imagination. Reports show that 150,000 units were sold on launch. That’s one tenth of the launch sales of the iphone 4. RIM’s latest handset is playing catch-up with the Apple offering (but then, isn’t everyone) but then again it isn’t really offering any new features. A better OS, yes, but not a radically new one. Having said that, BlackBerry handsets don’t have the same sales profile as the iphone. For starters people tend to get them for functionality, particularly email and BBM rather than looks. In all likelyhood RIM will start discounting the Torch soon and sales will probably be steady as a result. However, RIM are beginning to look like another handset manufacturer who are loosing their way.

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