Top Ten New Social Media Platforms

This is quite an interesting piece on some of the new social media platforms. One significant fact is how many of these are focussed on mobile social media, in my view the next big thing in, er mobile (and social media for that matter). Having said all of that, and looking at these sites and their tag lines, it begs the question, how many of these will still be here in a year’s time? My guess is not very many. Some of them are just too faddy, some of them will be copied by Facebook (Gowalla already is), and if they are very lucky some of them will be bought by Facebook, Google or someone similar.

Here are some of the taglines from the new social media platforms, and some of the taglines that they should be:

Tagline: “Keep up with your friends, share the places you go, and discover the extraordinary in the world around you.”
Should read: “At least we’re not Facebook.”

Tagline: “Go places. Do challenges. Earn points!”
Should read: “Aren’t Foursquare doing something like this already?”

Tagline: “Check in, unlock Societies, unleash your Footstream.”
Should read: “We’ve been doing this way longer than Foursquare and Gowalla, what do those upstarts know about anything?”

Tagline: “Go places, find friends, get stuff.”
Should read: “We help ad agencies to try and sell you stuff.”

Tagline: “Tap the knowledge of people in your network!”
Should read: “If you don’t have any real friends, but a lot of random Facebook contacts then this is the place for you.”

Tagline: “Bring the conversation to your domain.”
Should read: “We’re not Twitter, but wish we were.”

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