Mobile friendly sites: are brands beginning to get it?

A recent report from domobi (the people behind .mobi, strangely), shows that there has been a 2000 % increase in mobile optimised sites since 2008. Given that at the height of the web explosion (1996-8) the two your growth was 1300%, it shows how quickly the mobile channel is moving. On the whole this is weighted to the most used sites: in Alexa’s rankings, 40% of the top 1000 sites are mobile friendly, including the likes of Google, Facebook and Yahoo. However, the next 1000 most popular sites, the mobile optimisation drops to just over 20% and continues to dwindle with the next 1000 sites. So, whilst the big boys are beginning to catch on, it would seem that smaller sites and brands are yet to understand the benefit of the mobile web.

More here.

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