Retail mCommerce: the bandwagon rolls on

I have previously blogged about how big retail through mobile phones is going to be. The bandwagon started a few months ago with Marks and Spencer’s mobile site, followed last month by John Lewis. Tesco Direct have now launched their own fully fledged mobile site at . As with their fellow mCommerce retailers, the site has all the mCommerce functions you would expect, and is part of a plan to mobile-ise many of the Tesco services/products. Based on the M&S experience it is clear that people will buy through their mobile phones where the site functions well and the brand is trusted.

Meanwhile, in the US, Barney’s have launched their own mobile site (, selling luxury items. Are people going to buy expensive goods through their mobile phones? Given that eBay sold a $350k sports car through their mobile app, the answer is most certainly ‘yes’. Amazon already have revenues in excess of $1 billion globally through mCommerce and eBay expect to match that in the next 12 months, so expect to see an explosion of mobile-enable sites in the next year.

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