Mobile Fraud may be damaging to operators

We’ve seen over the last 20 years that where ever there’s a new technology, there comes a risk of fraud. Although the telecoms industry is rife with scammers and dodgy dealers, mobile has been relatively fraud (and for that matter spam) free. There are a number of reasons for it, but at a practical level much of that is down to the way that the networks have sewn up their technology, and in particular a protocol called SS7. A warning from SS7 monitoring company, Evolved Intelligence suggest that fraud attempts are set to rise. Unfortunately fraudsers are finding their way around using it to both intercept phone calls, but to particularly send spam SMS.
Much of this is down to changes in the telecoms industry, with MVNOs (mobile virtual network operators) and hub operators having more access to the network. Along with it, VOIP and internetworking have given the fraudsters more tools with which to access the networks.
The result of this is more spam and more vishing (voice-based phishing) attacks or attempts at denial of service. From a mobile marketing stand-point this could become a real headache. With an increase in fraud will come an increase in consumer distrust of mobile marketing. They may, for example, be put off signing up for a brand campaign because they are wary due to previous spam attempts.

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