Pointless Gadgets that Make People Look Stupid (#34)

I have said many times before that people will not adopt gadgets that basically make you look stupid. There was the Sinclair C5 failure and the Segway – OK a few daft American use them, but it’s not exactly the transport revolution the developers were hoping for. In mobile we have Bluetooth headsets (no one uses one unless you’re a bouncer or a taxi driver), the erm, iPhone cinama hat (you have to see it to believe it). The latest in the line of silly gadgets is the emergency power wrist band. OK, the hat thing is far far sillier, but still, wiring yourself into this clunky looking strap will make you look like you’re hard wired into your iphone. There are perfectly good battery cases that fit around iPhones and other smartphones, so why would you bother with this? And should I even bother posting a photo of it?

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