Your Phone as Your Doctor (pt 2)

It’s one of those New Year things, that everyone’s minds turn to loosing weight, so there is an inevitable rash of iPhone apps to help you do that. However, much more interesting is the growth of mHealth – or your phone as your doctor. I previously blogged about the development of an STI checker on mobile phones. Berg Insight estimated the value of mHealth to be over 7 billion Euros in 2010, with considerable growth in the next few years. So far that has mostly focussed on well-being, but the possibility to support more chronic health problems through our phones is certainly there. The first health offering for 2011 is the an  ECG monitor for iPhone. Whilst phones will never replace our doctors as such, they offer the possiblity of being the first point of consulation or a monitoring device that can help medical professionals improve their service. Here’s how the iPhone ECG works:

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