Mobile Location Advertising 20 Times More Effective than Online Banners

Although this figure comes from the CEO of HopStop, a digial advertising specialist, it seems to ring true. “We’re seeing click-through rates on the mobile Web and on our apps that exceed our online ads by 20 times,” said Joe Meyer CEO of HopStop speaking at an online advertising conference in the US. Many of the examples come from the likes of McDonalds and Starbucks. Inevitably multi-location outlets like these are the most likely to attract impulse offers, so it is impossible to say if the 20 times figure applies to other sectors.

Also at the conference were research company InsightExpress who revealed some interesting figures about where people use their phones: 82 percent said in a store, 55 percent said in a doctor’s office or hospital, 36 percent said at a sporting event, 17 percent said during a movie at the theater (the film must have been very dull), 14 percent said while flying on a plane and 7 percent during church service (yes, really). The research also showed that it’s good news for mobile retail, with 56% of people visiting a retailers mobile web site. Consistant with previous studies, such as the IAB, they found that 48% of people would prefer to use the mobile web whereas 36% have a preference for apps (the remainder didn’t mind).

The conclusion was that mobile advertising can be 2-3 times more effective than online, in both awareness and click through rates. A spokesperson for the company said: ‘High mobile ad awareness has a lot to do with rich-media ad units and social media integration. Two words, relevancy and respect, and that is what it comes down to—keep those two buzz words top of mind.” Well said.

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