Meat Pack shoe store uses gamification and a bit of hijacking

The Guatemalan shoe store, Meat Pack have created a (with their agency Saatchi and Saatchi) clever app to drive footfall (no pun intended). The concept was delivered as an update to their existing and well-used app. Using GPS it would send an alert when the user was near a trainer brand store. The alert would offer a timed discount, starting at 99% off and slowing ticking down until the customer raced to the Meat Pack store . The campaign saw over 600 people ‘hijacked’ from brand stores and the fastest to get there managed to receive an 89% discount.

Facebook Ads vs Twitter Ads (Facebook wins)

A new report from TBG for Facebook discovered that the social networking site’s mobile advertising generates 4x more click through’s than Twitter’s ads.

The figures were based on 278 million impressions on Facebook ads in June 2012. What’s also interesting is that the report says the CTR on mobile is 14 times more than desktop and Facebook Newsfeeds are the most successful area. This seems to go against expectations from the company in their IPO launch document, which suggested that as consumers are moving towards mobile, there will be a reduction in income as revenues tend to be lower in the channel.

There are a few other interesting stats in the report, which can be found onĀ TechCrunch.