3D Android Phone: a bit Mickey Mouse

The first Android phone with 3D, naked eye screen has been branded by Disney. It will be available in Japan initially, where it was shown at a trade show. Based on the Sharp Galapagos 003SH it has a wide range of functions as well as access to the Disney Market, a version of the Android Market. More on it here.

The first 3D phone to come from … India

It would be unwise to under estimate Indian ingenuity when it comes to technology. Most industry observers expected Sharp to bring out the first phone with a 3D screen (no silly glasses required), but instead an Indian technology company, Spice, has been the first to bring one to market. Not only that, but it costs the princely sum of $97! Of course, the question remains as to whether phone users want or need a 3D screen. Yes it can benefit the TV or film experience, but is it simply a <insert obscure 80s band reference here>fad gadget </insert>?