What’s Next for QR? Pizzas apparently!

Another Example of Creative Use of  a QR Code

Here’s the problem. How do ad agencies find good digital creatives these days? German agency Sholtz and Friends decided that pizzas could provide the answer. Working with a pizza deliver company, Croque Master, they came up with the ‘Pizza Digitale’. Whenever someone from a rival agency ordered from the company, they were sent a complimentary pizza with a QR code imprinted in tomato sauce. Scanning the code took the user to Sholtz and Friend’s hiring page. Did it work? Well they got 12 applications out of it and hired two staff. When you consider how much it costs to go via a recruitment agency, that was a good result. It’s certainly not the first time someone has used food to create a QR code, but the company still got a nice bit of PR for the agency.

Of course with QR it’s all about getting the context, engagement and targeting right. Click here to find out how to deliver the perfect QR campaign.

Looking for more creative QR campaigns? This great campaign puts QR on cardboard to raise awareness and money for the homeless. You can find even more campaigns here on Mashable , or some creative QR examples here on Mobile Inc.

Fiat Spain: nice augmented reality/image recognition campaign

In case you missed this (which I did), Fiat did an interesting image recognition campaign using street signs to promote their Evo. Users downloaded their iPhone app, and when they held it in front of various different street signs it showed further content. Hold it in front of a stop sign, there was a video and information about the breaking system. Hold it in a curve sign and it tells you how the intelligent headlights move around a bend.  At the end of the information users were encouraged to book a test drive and the whole thing was incentivised with prizes.


How did it fare? Over 1 million people scanned the signs and most important of all, test drives went up by 82%. All that and on a tiny budget.

There’s more on the campaign here.