45% of US Employers use online social networking to vet candidates

A recent study has shown that 45% of employers check social networking sites on potential candidates. Scary? Yes. Surprising? No.45% of US Employers use online social networking to vet candidates

Employers have been ‘Googling’ their candidates for many years, and most people are aware of this. The problem is that as social networking has boomed, the information about potential candidates has increased. According to the study, things like references to drug use, or other unfavourable habits has caused them to reject candidates who would have been acceptable otherwise.

So, whilst you’re showing off to your mates on Facebook, that information may damage your future reputation. Of course, there is a benefit to all this social network prying. Anyone with half a brain can use the sites to fluff up their potential employability … lots of references to your great charity work, important books or education can help engineer a highly employable profile.