UK foreign office uses Foursquare to give travel advice

The FCO has started to use Foursquare to get travel advice out to UK citizens visiting or living abroad. This seems to be a smart move. Whilst some out there could claim that it is simply bandwagon jumping, Jimmy Leach from the FCO pointed out in their blog (yes, they have a blog), that they are simply using all channels available to disseminate information. They’re not trying to drive check-ins to their consulates – shame as I fancied getting an ‘Ambassador’s’ badge. In fact given the limited resources that consulates have these days, they probably hope to achieve the opposite. What it does show, however, is that location-based social media can be highly relevant and timely to the audience. For example, if I check in to the UK consulate in Egypt, I would hope to find specific tips relevant to the situation in the country at the moment.

It’s good to see organisations taking the check-in beyond coffees and burgers. As they FCO blog states:

‘Geolocation based social media is something we need to learn to exploit, and the chances are that this little presence will be the forerunner of a far more active, but for now, becoming more involved in the weft and weave of the social web will do us fine.’

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