NUDE IT app for iphone

It’s every teenage boys’ dream (and probably everyone else’s nightmare), an app that can ‘remove’ someone’s clothes so you can see them in the nude. And that’s exactly what the NUDE IT, iphone app does. Except that it’s a spoof! (You really thought it existed? Er, no. It isn’t possible … and while we’re at it, there is no Santa Claus). Still, the video of the ‘app’ is fun. (totally safe for work):

Upskirt video app for the iphone

Yes, it really has come to this. The full extent of man’s (and I do mean men) technological advancement has culminated in an iphone app, that allows the user to blow up a model’s skirt. The iBlushBabes app makes full use of the iphone’s many advanced features. So, the more the user blows, the higher the skirt goes and the greater embarrassment for the model.

There’s no doubting the ladsmag appeal of this app. The fact remains, like it or not, that sex (and porn in particular)has driven many technologies: video, the internet, DVD, broadband, and it certainly exists on mobile. So it really comes as no surprise that we now have iBlushBabes. And I’m sure that at 99cents it will sell well.

What I find funny is the press release which claims that: ‘You will soon see offices, bars and clubs full of men blowing their iPhones.’

Will this be another ‘ipint’? Well not if Apple have their way. According to this recent Twitter post, it has been rejected from the app store. I’m not clear on what grounds exactly but given that Apple banned a dictionary which had ‘fuck’ and ‘piss’ in it, I suspect the ban is on moral, rather than technical grounds.

It’s still all about iphone Apps

Speaking to prospective clients about marketing campaigns, the focus is still very much on iphone apps. To some extent it is the inevitable fact that these apps can be exciting, add functionality and best of all, they gain external PR.
I was recently approched by a luxury brand, who wanted to make a mobile offering. As usual, I outlined the options, form SMS to mobile web. I pointed out that most of their clients were Blackberry users (who represent nearly double the number of iphone users) and that the Blackberry App may be the best way forward. And guess what? They still want the iphone App.

The iphone demographics suggested that over 70% are men. Shame really as most of the decision makers/buyers in the luxury goods market (even men’s products) are women. And 90% of apps are opened once or never at all!

Ultimately I guess for a brand it’s all about impressing people. It would seem that an iphone app is the best way to do that.