When are most people on the mobile web?

A study by Adfonica has found that mobile web usage peaks first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Interestingly that is the time that the fixed internet sees traffic dropping off. It seems to be a combination of the advent of the smartphone and our changing social habits. People used to take a book to bed, but it looks like they’d rather catch up on social media, read some news, and certainly update their Facebook status. Similarly, first thing in the morning is a chance to catch up with news, travel information and maybe some more Facebook. The ability of smartphones to allow users to dip into the mobile web quickly is part of the driver for this activity.

From a mobile advertising point of view, it shows some promise, but also raises problems. Will people want to click through to a mobile site just before they fall asleep? Will they really want to make an online purchase as they leave the house for work? More research is required. Whilst the audience is there first and last thing will it be a case that brand engagement will happen during more traditional online hours?