Motorola Milestone sells out in hours

The UK version of Motorola’s Android handset, Milestone, has sold out in a matter of hours. The phone, called Droid in the US, is currently exclusively distributed through expansys, the online mobile retailer at a price of £449.99 (inc VAT). According to Mobile Curnch, the first 1000 handsets sold out in a few hours, although another batch will be arriving shortly.
It looks like the Milestone/Droid could be a genuine competitor to the iphone, with the advantage of a pop-out keyboard, and, for those who aren’t keeen on Apple’s phone OS, the Android OS.

Motorola Droid vs iphone

There’s an excellent comparison betweeen the Motorola Android phone, the Droid and the iphone in Mobile Crunch.

In short, the Droid looks like a superb phone. Like the iphone, it has great a design, an excellent OS and high quality screen. I would probably go for the Droid because it has a pop out keybaord – I never got on with the touch screen keyboards.

Mobile Crunch found it hard to name an outright winner in their comparison. Basically it’s a personal choice of what suits you best. Certainly Motorola have created successful phones before – the Razr, which the iphone has not yet outsold – so it certainly looks like a winner in the handset market.

Interestingly, the name Droid is trademakred by Lucas Films, and licensed to Motorola (if you believe everything your read on Twitter). Europe, the Droid will be called ‘Milestone’. Weird. I prefer the name Droid.