It’s the NFC Shoe! Utterly Brilliant or Totally Stupid?

I really can’t make up my mind whether this is the best or the worst idea ever. It’s the NFC shoe. Fashion house WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy (there’s a catchy name if I ever heard one), have embeded an RFID chip into a shoe. It allows the wearer to walk over pads to trigger a number of actions: take a photo and send it to Flickr, add a friend to Facebook. I’ve never been one for wearable technology – most of them make people look stupid, but this has the advantage of being invisible. Given that the next couple of years will be big for contactless, maybe, just maybe the contactless shoe will catch on.

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The Future of Contactless on Mobile (NFC)

The DMA Mobile newsletter is just out, in which we mainly cover contactless payment, or NFC. People are becoming increasingly familiar with contactless payment cards. These are soon to appear on phones in the UK (yes, they’ve been in phones in Japan for the last six years). Studies predict that 16 % of mobile subscribers worldwide will have an NFC capable mobile device by 2014 and that NFC represents an $80 billion opportunity.

Along side the payment and ticketing opportunities, contactless also presents some marketing opportunities. And such opportunities also throw up problems, especially those for the consumer.

I write about the potential and issues of contactless marketing. Paul Gant from iVoucher explains the technology behind contactless, and Jo Garcia from Velti covers some of the stats behind this exciting technology. Well worth a read!