Mobile Spam: the saga continues

This is the latest update on my continued attempts to find the people responsible for some spam text messages.
I finally phoned the company who Mblox (the mobile messaging provider) told me that they had supplied the number used for the spam replies. Apparently the company didn’t get the two emails I sent. Never mind. The guy on the phone was very helpful. He thought it was unlikely that the number/campaign was due to them, as they didn’t rent Jersey Telecom numbers from Mblox. He checked, got back to me and then got their Mblox account manager to contact me. So, in spite of 9 emails between myself and Mblox, they couldn’t give me the correct information about who they supplied the number to!
The account manager was helpful, and phoned me back with details of the company that they had supplied the number to.
An interesting side note was that the Mblox account manager told me that the press department had been aware of someone blogging about this. Yup, that’s me! It’s great that in this day and age with Google Alerts etc, companies can track comments and manage their online reputation. Strange thing is though, that Mblox press people didn’t contact me to tell me that I had been mis informed by their staff. If they had done so then they might have actually looked competent.
I will update this blog soon, with the next installment in trying to track down the spammers.

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