Twitter acquires Cloudhopper: new opportunities for mobile marketing?

Twitter announced yesterday that it is to acquire start up company, Cloudhopper. This will enable the micro blogging site to provide users with the facility to send tweets directly to mobile phones by SMS or MMS. Twitters move seems to be to allow anyone to interact with their platform even without an internet connection. Besides the huge potential to significantly increase the Twitter user base, it could also create a brand opportunity to send tweets as text messages directly to their followers phones. It will require brands to carefully work out their engagement strategy for it to work for them … and in the meantime Twitter will have to work out its revenue strategy.

Apple iphone Sales Stats: latest figures

I have been regularly reporting Apple iphone sales stats worldwide and in the UK iphone sales. And I have been regularly questioned about the validity of those figures. According to the latest reports, I was wrong. The figures are lower than I reported. Apple’s last quarter sales of the iphone were 8.75 million, with a total of just over 51m for the complete history of the iphone (all three models).
That makes it a very good selling phone by any standards. Not only that, but the iphone has made some major shifts in how we use our mobiles – apps being the most obvious one. BUT … the iphone is not the best selling phone ever. Neither is it the fastest selling phone ever. And at the same time, Android is catching up, selling 60% of the volume of iphones. OK, that’s across a number of mobiles. The point is that whilst the iphone is significant, it’s not the only handset out there!

Orange and T-mobile merger: it’s official (finally)

The Orange, T-Mobile merger is now official. And hardly surprisingly, Orange have emerged as the dominant partner, with UK boss, Tom Alexander announced as the new CEO. It is hoped that the merger will create savings of over £400m per year by reducing the number of base stations, rationalising stores and network operations. The merger will create the UK’s largest network by subscribers, coverage and just about anything else you care to mention.
At the moment each brand will retain it’s own name, but there is heavy speculation of a complete merger within a few years. What will be the new name? Torange? Morange? Orange-Mobile? Continuing a fruit based theme (not that Orange is supposed to be associated with the fruit, only the colour), how about Tangerine?

More on the merger here.